Park West Foundation Sponsorships

Jennifer Adams and Family

Jennifer Adams is an incredible woman with a selfless family story. With three biological children of their own, Jennifer and her husband, Kevin, continue to put others first thinking “what else can we do to help.” Seven years ago, they made a big decision to step up and really help out a struggling family. They […]

Starr Commonwealth

Starr Commonwealth: Albion, Michigan Founded in 1913, Starr Commonwealth is dedicated to creating positive environments where children and families can flourish. This is based on the founder’s belief that “there’s no such thing as a bad child.” With locations found throughout Michigan, Starr Commonwealth [...]

Jackson Arts Network

Jackson, Michigan The Park West Foundation proudly supports to the Jackson Arts Network in Jackson, Michigan. The network is opening the Pangborn Museum of Contemporary Art, a contemporary museum in honor of Dominic Pangborn, a renowned artist and designer who grew up in Jackson. The Park West Foundation’s donation will go [...]

The Orthopedic Kneed Foundation

San Antonio, Texas  The Park West Foundation sponsored the Orthopedic Kneed Foundation’s 8th Annual Casino Night on April 8, 2017. The Orthopedic Kneed Foundation provides free orthopedic care for uninsured athletes, primarily high school students. Donations to the foundation cover hospital costs incurred for operating room and [...]