Park West Foundation and Park West Gallery

Working Together to Bring Art to the World

Since it was founded in 2006, the Park West Foundation has regularly partnered with Park West Gallery to help promote arts education and provide the general public with increased access to fine art. “Through our unique partnerships, the Park West Foundation is educating and exposing communities around the country to the world of art,” says Park West Foundation Director Diane Pandolfi.

One major driver of this mission is Park West Gallery and Park West Foundation’s “Museum Spotlight” program. Beginning in 2016, this program has spearheaded major exhibitions by Park West Gallery artists like Peter Max, Yaacov Agam, Anatole Krasnyansky, and others at prestigious museums around the world. You can find more information on those exhibitions here.

In 2017, Park West Gallery and Park West Foundation co-sponsored “Monet: Framing Life,” an exhibition highlighting the legacy of famed Impressionist Claude Monet at the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA). It was the first Monet exhibition in the history of the DIA.

Park West Foundation has also partnered with Tennessee’s Monthaven Arts and Cultural Center to hold exhibitions from a select group of accomplished Park West Gallery artists, including Autumn de Forest, Alexandre Renoir, Tim Yanke and more!

Check out the videos featuring some of the Park West Foundation exhibitions here.