The Lingap Children’s Development Center

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The Lingap Children’s Development Center is a haven of safety and hope for children who have been neglected, exploited, or abandoned. Children as young as age 4 and as old as age 17 are provided with care, love, and other resources to let them do what they do best—be children. The center is located in Toledo City, Cebu, Philippines.

The center was established by John Drake, a former senior vice president of human resources for national energy companies. During a business trip to the area, Drake was approached by the city’s mayor to renovate the original Lingap Center—a former pig slaughterhouse that was being used as a shelter. Instead of renovating, Drake built a new facility in March 2006. Since then, the center has provided children with protection from physical abuse and the sex trade. Today, around 100 children live at the center.

In its continued mission of supporting youth, the Park West Foundation donated the funding needed to equip and furnish a computer lab and library in the facility.

Cheryl Masaitis-Spychaj, author of “I Did It Afraid: He Was There All the Time,” had this to say about the Park West Foundation’s support:

“I am so humbled and blessed to hear this wonderful news! Thank you and all the beautiful people you work with in sharing in this wonderful ministry to the neediest children in the Philippines who now have a hope and a future. John and Judy Drake love the Lord and love serving his poor children and your contribution is a tremendous gift to all who will be blessed by your charitable giving to this worthy cause.”

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