Park West Foundation Sponsoring Ravenswood Australian Women’s Art Prize

The Park West Foundation will serve as a gold sponsor for the 2020 Ravenswood Australian Women’s Art Prize, an initiative led by the Ravenswood School for Girls to honor and recognize the [...]

Jennifer Adams and Family

Jennifer Adams is an incredible woman with a selfless family story. With three biological children of their own, Jennifer and her husband, Kevin, continue to put others first thinking “what else [...]

Fostering Futures Event – Detroit

Nearly $88,000 was raised at the Eighth Annual Fostering Futures Scholarship Trust Fund Event in Detroit this year. The Fostering Futures Scholarship provides scholarships to students who have [...]

Starr Commonwealth

Starr Commonwealth: Albion, Michigan Founded in 1913, Starr Commonwealth is dedicated to creating positive environments where children and families can flourish. This is based on the [...]