Michigan Lawmakers Should Allocate Federal Aid Earmarked For Foster Kids | Opinion

Source: Detroit Free Press School is about to start for the fall, bills and rent are due and Michigan youth who were raised by the foster care system are struggling with the ongoing economic and [...]

State Takes Steps to Send Stimulus Checks to Older Foster Care Alumni

Source: Michigan’s Children, Speaking for Kids The Whitmer Administration has started notifying foster care alumni – young people between the ages of 23 and 26 – of their plans to send [...]

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Former Park West Foundation Youth Writes Inspirational Children’s Book For Her Son

You Matter! Is a book of Positive Affirmations for young black boys written by former Park West Foundation youth Alyssa Lashay. This book is in response to the inability to find a diverse range [...]

How You Can Help Secure Pandemic Relief Funds for Michigan’s Foster Care Youths

On June 17th, Michigan’s House of Representatives will vote to pass House Bill 4419 (H-1) which would release already federally-provided emergency pandemic relief funds to young people in [...]

Local Girl Prepares Homemade Meals for Southeastern Michigan Foster Youth

Since 2006, the Park West Foundation has been dedicated to supporting young people who have aged out of Michigan’s foster care system. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Foundation has realized [...]

Park West Foundation Honors Foster Care Graduates from the Class of 2019

Graduation ceremonies are always emotional, but the Park West Foundation’s Class of 2019 graduation was particularly moving this year. On July 17, the Park West Foundation held their annual [...]

Celebrating Youth Empowerment with Starr Commonwealth

By Saba Gebrai How can you learn when you just came from chaos and confusion? How can you focus and take in new information when you don’t feel safe? That is the challenge that Starr [...]

Park West Foundation Recognizes Class of 2018

As a foster care youth, Kyonna Woods faced trying times in school. Without stable homes or families, many foster youth struggle to keep up with their high school peers. But Kyonna, along with 86 [...]

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Park West Foundation Foster Care Youth Speaks About Sibling Separation in D.C.

One of the amazing aspects of the Park West Foundation assisting and empowering foster care youth is watching them “pay it forward.” Upon receiving assistance from the Park West Foundation, many [...]

Park West Foundation Presents Alexandre Renoir at the Monthaven

Did you miss the chance to visit artist Alexandre Renoir’s solo exhibition at the Monthaven Arts and Cultural Center? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The Park West [...]

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