Albert Scaglione Urges Increased Investment to Empower Foster Youth through Education

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Albert Scaglione, esteemed art collector and co-founder of Park West Gallery and Park West Foundation, commends Representatives Stephanie Young and Kimberly Edwards for their sponsorship of crucial bills (H.B. 4676, H.B. 4677 & H.B. 4678) aimed at enhancing educational outcomes for foster youth. Recognizing the significant challenges faced by foster youth, Scaglione calls upon lawmakers and the philanthropic community to amplify their investments in supporting Michigan’s foster youth.

Foster youth endure immense hardships, with the lowest graduation rates at 40%, experiencing trauma at double the rate of combat veterans, and comprising up to 60% of human trafficking victims. Furthermore, they often constitute a substantial portion of the incarcerated population.

In acknowledgment of the tireless advocacy by foster youth with lived experiences in foster care, Scaglione extends his heartfelt congratulations and gratitude.

Scaglione emphasizes the urgent need for lawmakers and the philanthropic community to allocate greater resources to ensure Michigan’s foster youth have access to fundamental necessities, including adequate food, quality education, affordable housing, and reliable transportation. By investing in these critical areas, the community can offer vital support and opportunities for foster youth to thrive and surmount the obstacles they face.

Albert Scaglione’s impassioned call and challenge for increased investment signify a collective commitment to foster youth, as their well-being and success contribute to building a stronger and more equitable future for our society.

In an effort to expand on existing investments for Michigan’s foster youth, Park West Foundation is launching a new project in collaboration with Wayne County Chafee YIT program, Park West Foundation Youth Advisors, Michigan Health and Human Services, and Friends of Foster Kids. This project aims to maximize resources and provide enhanced support for the transition of foster youth out of the child welfare system.


About Friends of Foster Kids:

Friends of Foster Kids is a dedicated organization that provides essential resources, support, and advocacy for foster youth, ensuring they have the necessary tools to build brighter futures.


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