Make A Difference Day Continues with Jackson College Campus Tour

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On the 24th of January, Jackson College administration and staff partnered and supported our own JC student leaders, Donella and Jay’treece with Make A Difference Day, as part of a multi-college series to increase college access and success for our class of 2020.

Launched on October 25th weekend, the college-student-led, Make A Difference Day series has previously been held at MSU, EMU, WSU, UM-FLINT, U of M, WMU, WCC and HFC. This weekend, the Make A Difference Day series in Jackson College was also held in celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Service week.

Jackson College has attracted many of our students like Donella and Jaytreece for various reasons, such as their innovative summer bridge program “Ready Set Jet,” student housing, meal plan, small classroom sizes of 18:1 faculty to student ratio, 74 associate, certificate and baccalaureate programs in addition to Athletic programs, activities and organizations available for students.

Jay’treece shared her experience of working with the Office of Disability and Student Success TRIO program on campus to understand her strengths and apply appropriate supports to ensure her academic success, in spite of her dyslexia.

Donella emphasized how you have to find out your strengths and learning style so you can plan out how and with whom to study.

General Advice from both Donella and Jay’treece:
* Go to class everyday you have class!
* Learn how to study
* Even though they are told to study two hours for every class a day, they both admit they have not figured out how to do that so their advice do at least 3o minutes a day per class
* Find a study group or create one
* Use your resources
* Get help/ask for help
* Go to Student Success for your academic needs and go to the OASIS Center for Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health needs
* Join a mentoring group like Men of Merit
* Stay positive/associate with positive people/stay out of drama
* Get involved in organized activities on campus

There are various community based activities and supports like getting transportation to attend a local church.

Jackson College can be a great starting point for some students. University Students may consider using their TIP Phase I and register as guest students in the summer.

In addition to supporting students with Fostering Futures Scholarship application, Jackson College makes available additional scholarships through Jackson

College Foundation. JCF Scholarship is open now. To Apply before the April 21st deadline click on link here:

Huge thank you to the warm welcome and great hospitality to JC’s Administration and staff starting with Admissions, Director Julie Hand, Heather Currie, Sandra Phelan, Victoria Snyder, Stephanie Stephenson, our student tour guide and Director of TRIO Student Services, Melissa Merkel and staff.

Feed Back from the class of 2020:

The visit at Jackson College felt like a grand opportunity for great knowledge and a big place to build my success with successful people who have all the skills and knowledge that can help me to succeed in college. The college has a great team with a lot of resources to provide students with good opportunities. Thank you Jackson college for opening my mind. -Carlos C. Class of 2020

Enormous credit to everyone who made the tour possible @Jackson – Lots of clues and helpful information for success – Super opportunities for growth – In College you have people and teachers behind you that are invested in your growth. – Anton Class of 2020

Thank you to all the college students who are giving back and paying it forward! You do Make A Difference….and the next generation is Listening to You!

Next up, Grand Valley State University and Albion College.



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