As the Director of the Park West Foundation, it is my extreme pleasure to have the opportunity to build upon the legacy of the Foundation established in 2006 through the generosity of Albert and Mitsie Scaglione.  Initially established as a driving force to support youth in Southeastern Michigan aging out of the foster care system, the Park West Foundation has taken great pride in the success that has been realized due to the implementation of innovative solutions that have addressed critical and varied needs of Michigan youth.

The mission of the Park West Foundation (PWF) is pure and relatively uncomplicated. Our main focus is art awareness/education, and supporting at-risk youth, conservation and the environment. We are a helping hand, a facilitator and a funding source. We are the behind the scenes catalyst that allows amazing things to happen for numerous and diverse constituents.

With the work of PWF now expanding beyond the local level, extending its influence to the national and international stage, we plan to are hosting and sponsoring many philanthropic and creative endeavors. These undertakings will focus on supporting educational and non-profit organizations, connected in some way to artists and/or the world of art.

In keeping with the Park West Foundation’s desire to inform, educate and expose communities to the wonderful world of art, one of PWF’s spotlight programs provides the public with access to artists and their works through exhibitions in museums across the country. We are delighted to sponsor these events by hosting art writers, creating catalogs, posters, and other ancillary materials, hosting receptions and shipping the art and other materials to and from the various locations.

A first-class way that the Foundation supports art education is through special programs such as the Turnaround Arts Program, a platform organized by the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities.

As a former educator, I always believed in focusing on growing children in every area of their development, including the provision of rich experiences in the fine and performing arts. Art education goes to our core as human beings. It allows us to view and perceive the world in a way that is unique and differentiated. The arts allow us to get in touch with our inner souls as human beings and enjoy a deep level of beauty expressed as only the arts can do.

It is truly my privilege to function as the Director of the Park West Foundation and to serve in a facilitative capacity that allows me to spread positive energy and goodwill through art awareness/education and through our support of many other commendable endeavors. This unparalleled opportunity brings me immeasurable blessings and joy and an enormous sense of pride. I look forward with great excitement to continuing this amazing work, one that presents limitless possibilities.

– Diane Pandolfi,  Director of Park West Foundation


About Park West Gallery

Founded in 1969, Park West Gallery is a groundbreaking art dealer that invites collectors to enjoy owning fine art through art auctions aboard cruise ships, in luxury hotels, and a gallery location in Michigan.

Whether it is masterpieces from history’s greatest artists or the latest artwork from leading contemporary artists, Park West Gallery connects people to the art world in a fun, educational and welcoming collecting experience.